This course will expose you to various features that you will encounter during your use of this learning management system.  Any item with a checkmark next to it on the right indicates that an action is required on your part. This is called "completion status" and can be set to a specific action by your instructor, or you may manually check it off as complete yourself.  (Don't forget to mark your manual items as complete so that Moodle can properly track your success!) Some instructors may use this feature; whereas, others may not. Every course may be a little bit different unless your program/major uses a course template within Moodle.

Upon successful completion of this course (all activities completed), you will be awarded a badge! The badge will display in your user profile as evidence of your accomplishment. 

The course will remain available for you to consult later on if you would like to look back at any of the resources or practice with activities.